Springy 1.6.1

Easy access archiving for Macs

If you're not a big fan of StuffIt and want an archiver that can handle just about anything then Springy is a simple to use, yet powerful archiving and compression utility for Macs. View full description


  • Easy access from context menu
  • Supports most major formats
  • Allows you to create disk images


  • Installation a bit confusing

Very good

If you're not a big fan of StuffIt and want an archiver that can handle just about anything then Springy is a simple to use, yet powerful archiving and compression utility for Macs.

Springy integrates with Finder to make archiving as simple as drag and drop or through Springy’s Finder contextual menu. One thing I really like is that you can preview and browse archives before extracting them - very useful if you're dealing with big archives. Extracting and compression is extremely quick and you can modify files within an archive just by double clicking. Most major formats are supported including: ZIP, TAR, RAR, 7Z, PAX, CPIO, CPGZ, GZIP, BZIP2, UNIX Compress, SIT, JAR, DMG and ISO disk images. Note that as an added bonus, you can also create disk images with it as well. The only problem I had was with the initial installation. Springy advises you to drag the Springy application to a Contextual Menu Items folder. However, every time I did this, it just opened my downloads folder instead. Springy is a powerful and easily accessible archiver that will be a breathe of fresh air to those tired of StuffIt.


  • Many including:
  • * Fixes a bug in version 1.6 which could corrupt a ZIP archive after modifying it and quitting application.
  • * Open, read and extract support for 7Z archives (support for creating/modifying of 7Z archives will come soon).
  • * Open, read and extract support for Microsoft CAB archives.
  • * Springy is a Services Provider application, with Services Menu actions in Snow Leopard replacing Finder contextual menu plug-in (CM plug-in is still available in Leopard and earlier).
  • * Direct extraction mode, when the whole archive or disk image is extracted with double click on its file in Finder (application only).
  • * Flat file list view, which shows all files and folders in an archive without their mutual hierarchy (application only).
  • * Much more robust automatic archive type recognition.
  • * Speed gains when opening and processing ZIP archives (especially it they contain 20000+ files inside).
  • * Springy can now open and extract files from malformed large ZIP archives created by Apple tools Archive Utility and ditto, which don't follow Zip64 specification properly.
  • * Springy can now open empty uncompressed TAR, PAX and CPIO archives it created.
  • * Showing icon file preview immediately after icon generation, which gives more smooth and natural user experience (application only).
  • * New toolbar icons for the user preferences panel (thanks to Kenichi Yoshida).
  • * File sizes in Snow Leopard are shown the same way as system wide, using "power of 10" instead of "power of 2" calculation.
  • * Removed DMG disk image file type from the list of file types for which Springy can be set as a default handler. This feature caused quite some problems for some users (application only).
  • * Fixed bug when drawing last or a preview column after making an empty selection in a column view in Snow Leopard (application only).
  • * Fixed bug when rendering file preview in a preview column for some files in Snow Leopard (application only).
  • * Fixed bug which disabled permanently password text field in a save panel when creating DMG disk images (application only).
  • * Fixed bug which hanged CM plug-in after right clicking two or more times an empty file selection in Path Finder (contextual menu plug-in only).

Introducing Springy, simple and elegant, yet powerful archiving utility that will make your everyday archiving activities much more pleasurable.

Written specifically for Mac OS X, Springy integrates seamlessly with it and includes features you would expect from a proper Mac OS X application.



Springy 1.6.1

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    "Can't use in Mac OS 10.6"

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